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This is an adult comedy based show on adult humour.We understand the utmost importance of making your guests feel de-stress after a tiring day at work. The solution to make guests feel at ease is by incorporating an element of humour into your event. Once the first person begins to laugh , the ice will be broken and guests will be able to fully immerse themselves into our laughter potion. Guaranteed to have guests rolling with our adult humour and unique viewpoint on human lifestyle. This comedy act is perfect for a wide variety of high end occasions , clubs , dinner and dances , military camp functions and nightlife entertainment. This standup comedy + comedy magic show is an all encompassing magical extravaganza that combines stunning magic and comedy with music, mime , stand up comedy and a bizarre sense of humour to create a unique and hugely entertaining show. Guests will be spellbound by our adult comedy show and the crazy antics of our two performers as they perform their absurd and dazzling comedy magic tricks fashion and style.
This diverse and original stage show is the 1st ever in the world and its like anything else your audiences will have ever seen. Book our ingenious comedy performers and experience an award winning offbeat comedy show.
Our stand up comedians mix their dazzling magic tricks with a hefty dose of laugh out loud comedy moments and a bizarre sense of humour that gives this comedy magic show a surreal and unique tone that will have guests in stitches. Book our phenomenal duo and hilarious comedy show experience for your upcoming special event now.

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30 Minutes



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